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Well for all of you CWG's a treat & teaser all in one!!! What you're about to view is the second installment of "Angels" in the making.
These pictures speak to only part of a larger story regarding how our vignettes are made with care, consideration, but, most of all love!!!
We at the CWG hope our audience enjoys viewing these pictures...and stay tuned for the upcoming "Angels" part II.


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The Collective Work Group would like to share pictures of family & friends that are enjoying the Premiere on 11/11/11 of "Angels", and the cast & crew for the three vignettes, which depict issues occurring within communities locally, and nationwide.


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Timeline of CWG Development

Conception - July 2007

Tracy Burton, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, had a conversation with her brother Kirk about the need and importance to bring to the attention of society, those in the Health and Human Services arena (Social Workers) and how they intervene and assist people in our own communities with many different forms of issues and struggles. These Social Workers are truly "Angels Among Us".

Tracy shared her thoughts with her friend, Donzelle Tiller and asks him to help her with her new mission in life.

Shortly thereafter a baby girl named Storm came into Tracy's life (through her work as a Social Worker). It was so inspiring that Tracy knew that she had to tell Storm's story.

July 2007 - October 2009

Tracy was faced with some of her own life changing events.

Sadly, one of them was the sudden death of her brother Kirk, less than two months after they first talked about this idea.

Tracy's motivation was stronger than ever.

January 2011- April 2011

Tracy shared her mission with her friend, Kim Jewell and asked her to be a part of her dream.

The Collective Work Group (CWG) was formed.

Tracy brought three of her co-workers onboard : Natalie Walker, Sean Kent Clark and Larcell Arnett.

October 2011

The CWG's website was developed.

November 2011

The CWG is ready to share their vision!


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